Implementation of Renewable Energy Powered Streetlight Scheme for Akah Settlement, Obinze, Imo State

Project Location

Akah Settlement, Obinze, Imo State, Nigeria

Project Details

Year Funded by HTB/SIGHT

$4,919 USD
Funding Provided by HTB/SIGHT

Region 8
IEEE Region

Nigeria Section
IEEE Section

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4: Quality Education
SDG goal 9

Team Members

IEEE Members from the Nigeria Section composed the project team. The Akah Neighborhood Association, business owners, and residents were a major stakeholder group of the project and provided both access to the location and other support.

Project Description

This project team provided solar-powered street lights to the Akah Settlement Obizine in Imo State, Nigeria where a grid connection is not present, benefitting over 150 residents. Lighting is particularly important in informal settlements to improve safety, security and mobility and solar street lights can offer environmental benefits in comparison to grid- connected lights.

This project activities covered a 4 kilometer sub-radius around the axis of the Akah Settlement, surrounded by rural households and shops of various types for the community.

Initial Impact

The approximately 150 residents of the community are benefitting from a solar-powered streetlight system.

The project team involved student branch members in the project as volunteers to increase their interest and engagement in IEEE activities.

Project Pictures