Access to Solar Electricity to improve Basic Education in Iyana-ilogbo Community

Project Location

Iyana-ilogbo Community, Ogun State, Nigeria

Project Details

Year Funded by HTB/SIGHT

$4,700 USD
Funding Provided by HTB/SIGHT

Region 8
IEEE Region

Nigeria Section
IEEE Section

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4: Quality Education

Team Members

IEEE Members from the Nigeria Section, Young Professionals affinity group, Women in Engineering affinity group, and IEEE Power and Energy Society local chapter

Project Description

The School on the Street Initiative in the Iyana Ilogbo rural community aorse as an alternative learning support plan during COVID-19 and has continued since then to enable access to free equal elementary education to children who might not be able to attend school otherwise.

Unfortunately, the school did not have electricity, as the community does not have access to the national grid. The team of IEEE volunteers installed a solar energy system at the school as an alternative power supply so that they could provide a quality education with a proper learning environment for the children and expand digital literacy.

Initial Impact

The project team provided access to alternative solar energy to the primary school in the Iyana Ilogbo rural community in Nigeria and its 165 students. Reliable lighting and power means that the school could offer well-lit and well-ventilated classrooms and introduce digital education in their curriculum to enhance learning.

According to the team, the biggest success of the project was seeing more children getting interested in education, and their enthusiasm to go to school after having a conducive learning environment for the first time.

Also, five volunteers became IEEE student members as a result of participating in this project.

Project Pictures