IEEE HTB Best Practices Online Repository

The IEEE HTB Best Practices Online Repository provides access to recordings of a series of best practice lectures organized by the IEEE Humanitarian Technology Board Ad-Hoc Committee on SIGHT Best Practices during 2023 as well as lectures organized between 2016 – 2022 by the Education Committees of the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee and IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT). These lectures are valuable resources to be leveraged by all IEEE volunteers interested in supporting local communities through appropriate use of technological innovation, whether by individuals or groups carrying out activities via IEEE SIGHT Groups, IEEE Sections or other Organizational Units.

The IEEE HTB Best Practices Online Repository is currently grouped into resources providing insight into:

  • Community Engagement
  • Applied Technologies
  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Capacity Building
  • Project and Financial Management
  • Sustainability
  • Social Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in contributing a recording of a relevant lecture to this Online Repository, please write to

Bringing Quality Education to Underserved Communities in Latin America and Pakistan

Prof Parkash Lohana and Prof Pritpal Singh

20 September 2023

Co-designing Ethical Interventions in Resource-Constrained Environments

Miriam Cunningham

28 March 2023

Volunteer Work with Under-represented Minorities

Dr. Melania Alvarez & Dr. Rabab K. Ward

26 July 2022

Engaging Youth: Agrivoltaics Citizen Science & Community Engineering

Dr. Michelle Jordan, Stuart Bowden, Mayra Ramos-Molina, Amy McBeth, Diane Hernandez

20 December 2020

Discovering Stakeholder Insights to Strengthen SIGHT Projects

Sue Baggott

30 May 2019

IEEE ISTAS 2023 – IEEE HTB Best Practice Workshop

Miriam Cunningham, Prof. Dr. Juan A. Gómez-Pulido, Prof Nizar Rokbani, Eduardo Audiche

13 September 2023

Good Practices from Robotics for Equality and Democracy project Tunisia

Prof. Nizar Rokbani

17 May 2023

Technology for the Elderly: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Jane Barratt, Dr. Alex Mihailidis, & Joseph Wei

08 December 2021

“Clochard Alert” an Alert System for the Homeless – From Student Project to Industrialization

Dr. Christoph Baer

15 September 2021

Challenges and Stories of AI in Humanitarian Technology

Diana Gil, Valentine Goddard, & Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan

28 April 2020

Dr. Fernando Guarin

27 April 2020

Leveraging Semiconductor Technology for the Benefit of Society

Dr. Fernando Guarin

20 April 2020

Empowering Women for Sustainable Climate Resilience

Prof. Parkash Lohana

14 June 2023

The Impact of Energy Efficiency on Low Resource Environments

Dr. Hanan M. Albuflasa

06 July 2023

Avoiding a Graveyard of Solar Panels: How to make Solar Electric Systems Sustainable

Dr. Pritpal Singh

17 April 2023

Photovoltaics in Humanitarian Projects

Dr. Henry Louie & Joachim Funk

25 October 2021

User-Centered Solar Energy

Michelle Jordan & Dr. Clarke Miller

04 June 2020

IEEE UNA SIGHT – Energias Renovables Y Desarrollo Sostenible

Francisco Javier Arias

10 April 2020

Improving energy access in Rural Areas (Case Study)

Hassaan Idrees & Parkash Lohana

29 November 2019

Dr. Henry Louie

30 July 2019

mHealth4Afrika – Lessons Learnt and Good Practices from Co-Designing Technology Solutions for Resource Constrained Environments

Miriam Cunningham

31 October 2023

Biotechnology for Humanitarian Projects

Prof. Navakanta Bhat

13 May 2020

IEEE ISTAS 2023 – HTB Keynote – The Role of Engineering and Technological Innovation in Addressing Societal Challenges

Miriam Cunningham

13 September 2023

IEEE HAC/SIGHT Courses on the IEEE Learning Network

Paul Kostek & Ugomma Deborah Ogu

12 October 2021

SIGHT Operations Subcommittee

October 2021

Paul Kostek

21 June 2021

Guidelines on How to Effectively Manage Local Humanitarian Projects

Nizar Rokbani

Coming Soon: November 2023

Ronny Cabrera

December 2021

Introduction to Project Management

Leslie Donis

12 November 2019

Dr. Pritpal Singh, Viviana Villavicencio, John Funso-Adebayo, Dr. Christoph Baer

02 December 2019

Financial Planning and Budgeting for Humanitarian Projects

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, Karen Panetta, Khanjan Mehta, & Pritpal Singh

23 October 2019

Constructing a Strong SIGHT Proposal

Mario Aleman & Rosa Mejia

26 June 2019

Sustainable Operating Models for SIGHT Projects

Prof Khanjan Mehta

01 July 2019

Entrepreneurship in Humanitarian Projects

Ken Stauffer & Janati Nakimera

06 September 2022