Co-designing Ethical Interventions in Resource Constrained Environments


This SSIT Distinguished Lecture focuses on social implications and ethical issues to be considered when co-designing and implementing interventions in resource-constrained environments. It introduces the concepts of collaborative open innovation, co-design and action research in the context of addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It then discusses socio-cultural differences, ethical conundrums and ethical research principles when engaging with local communities. It provides insight into building blocks to be considered when preparing an implementation plan for a community-based ICT4Development intervention.


Miriam Cunningham is Head of Research, IST-Africa Institute. Miriam is a Senior technology and innovation expert with over 25 years experience working with education and research, industry and government organisations (including the European Commission and World Bank). Miriam specialises in contributing to policy analysis, research capacity building, adaptation and implementation of appropriate technology in low resource environments.

Miriam has extensive practical experience undertaking needs assessment, evaluating, monitoring and assessing of Research and Innovation (R&I) projects in Europe and Africa as well as field experience creating, implementing and managing large scale cross-border digital technology innovation oriented projects in Europe and Africa.

Miriam is an active IEEE volunteer with several leadership roles including IEEE SSIT Board of Governors, IEEE SSIT UK and Ireland Chapter Chair and 2023 IEEE Humanitarian Technologies Board Member chairing the Ad Hoc Committee on SIGHT Best Practices.

Presentation Date: 28 March 2023